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Energy and crystal healing

Advanced crystal healer in Swindon

Advanced crystal healer in Swindon

Crystals together with spiritual, energy and pranic healing can be extremely effective in reducing ailments, pains and blockages within our mind and bodily systems.

Debbie is a qualified and fully trained crystal healer who trained with the Institute of Advanced Crystal Healers. Using a combination of crystal layouts and healing techniques, Debbie's methods can be very effective in facilitating the removal of disruptive vibrations and blockages that cause pain/health problems.

Holistic therapies available

Allure Beauty Ltd offers a selection of holistic therapies all of which are suited to different needs, desired results.

Spiritual healing 
Spiritual healing is closely related to the work of the medium, in that both require contact with the spirit world. Spirit guides or spirit doctors channel healing energies through the healer or medium into the body of the patient. If we accept that those in spirit have a knowledge which far exceeds our own, then it follows they must know how to effect cures in a way which is beyond our comprehension. Therefore the healer (medium) is not the cause of the cure, but rather a bridge for healing power, bringing that power to the patient via his/her contact with spirit doctors. Healers can often identify a complaint without being told, instinctively laying their hands on the affected area. Depending on the condition of the patient and severity of the complaint, cures can be effected almost immediately or take many sessions. Not all who ask are cured of course, there may be many reasons for this, but the number of people who have at least received some relief from their ailments, is amazingly high.

Pranic healing
Pranic Healing is the art and science of transferring life energy or prana to remove any congested, stagnant or diseased energy from the recipient's aura and energy centres. Throughout the treatment the practitioner scans/feels the client’s aura to establish what the client needs to heal their particular problem or ailment. The treatment involves several types of hand movements to manipulate and cleanse the recipients' aura, sweeping away energetic blockages. The now cleansed aura and energy centres are then replenished by energising techniques and the fresh prana/chi facilitates the proper flow of energy through the body, removing the root cause of the ailment.

Energy healing
Energy and crystal healing addresses the ‘subtle energy body’ that governs the physical body. Working directly with the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of this energy body, the healer affects the healing and release of blocked and distorted energy patterns, restoring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. As humans are essentially electromagnetic beings, it makes perfect sense that the best possible modality for healing is energy and crystals. All illness is the result of blocked and distorted energy patterns that leads to a lowering of the bodies’ frequencies. By raising the frequencies, the natural balance is restored, enabling healing to take place.

Chakra balancing

Our chakra/energy system is crutial to our well being. Each one of the seven main chakras are instrumental in helping to maintain health and wellness of the physical body as well as our mental and emotional state of mind. It is therefore imperitive to keep the chakras well balanced and clear away disruptive energy patterns that may cause disharmony to their function. Dysfunction or blockages to the chakras can cause ailments not only on a physical level but on an emotional and mental level as well.  Once the chakras are functioning more effectively overall health and peace of mind can be greatly improved.

It is important to establish good balance in the chakra system and this may take more than one treatment to achieve this.

Experienced and qualified crystal healer

Choose Allure Beauty Ltd

For holistic therapies that are focused on the individual, choose Debbie at Allure Beauty Ltd in Swindon, an experienced and qualified crystal healer.
To find out more or to book in for a healing treatment, contact Debbie at the salon today!

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